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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Eek! Has it really been nearly two months since I've written anything? Ah well, just like a good new year's resolution to go out the door by March. Ha! I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my stress fracture sent me off-kilter.
I'm back! I've run a couple times in the past week. I feel good. Slow and easy. Someone asked me what did I learn in my time of not running. What did I learn?
  1. I learned I'm still a terrible patient.
  2. I hate to be inactive.
  3. Others hate me being inactive.
  4. I am not a good family member when inactive.
  5. Friends thought I should be "put down" because seeing me immobile was too much for them. It's just not the Heather they know.
  6. I learned to be humble.
  7. To accept help.
  8. That I'm still stubborn as hell.
  9. Yes. Still stubborn. Because I refused to ask for help.
  10. Am more determined than I realized.
  11. And I've always given myself credit for determination.
  12. That I am not sure that ever appreciated a person with physical limiations' perspective.
  13. Doors are heavy.
  14. They never swing the way you need them.
  15. While the handicapped parking might be closest to the entrance. The handicapped restroom stall is the furthest.
  16. There is no escaping rain or snow when you are on crutches.
  17. Backpacks and shopping bags are tremendously handy tools.
  18. Backpacks can get heavy in an instant.
  19. It's tough to be coordinated on crutches.
  20. I was terrified I'd break the other ankle.
  21. That I can rock out a single heel, on crutches, in a business suit.
  22. People feel comfortable enough to share their ankle, crutches or leg injury stories.
  23. People remembered my other ankle injury.
  24. That I graciously accepted all the nicknames.
  25. That my kids aren't quite as helpful as I thought they were.
  26. That no one likes it when mom is out of commission.
  27. That they were thrilled when I had to travel for 3 days for work.
  28. That they love me.
  29. That while I'm determined and stubborn, I still let stress control my actions, life, well being.
  30. That I'm a runner.
  31. And I desperately missed it.
  32. Missed the freedom.
  33. How to beat the train ladies to the elevator.
  34. Especially the ones who didn't require an elevator when there were stairs.
  35. The lady that wore the Sketchers 'shape-up' shoes was the one who made me the most angry.
  36. That while I'm stubborn, determined, grateful, I'm not patient.
  37. I'm sure there is more that I haven't realized I learned.
  38. It will be those quiet moments on the trail that I will experience the 'aha!' moments.

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  1. Something about a high wooded mountain, a long switch back trail, a full water bottle, and bright sunshine that makes us feel like we are going to erupt in a joyful explosion.