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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Thoughts. October 2011 Edition.

Random Thoughts. October 2011 Edition.
  1. Hi.
  2. It’s been a while.
  3. Almost 10 months.
  4. Really?
  5. Really? Really?
  6. Yes.
  7. Sadly. Yes.
  8. What has happened in those 10 months?
  9. What has happened in those 10 months!
  10. Winter.
  11. Spring.
  12. Summer.
  13. Fall.
  14. How?
  15. How did it get to be October?
  16. How did I let this year slip away?
  17. But did it?
  18. Did it really?
  19. Or was I busy living it?
  20. Living this year?
  21. Struggling this year.
  22. Thriving this year.
  23. BEing this year.
  24. It’s been a tough one for my Resolution.
  25. Gasp!
  26. I have 3 months left to devise a new Resolution for next year.
  27. Though this one has been so tough.
  28. Do you remember what it is?
  29. I do.
  30. I look at it every day.
  31. Purposeful Growth v3.0: Learning to BE in the Moment.
  32. So tough.
  33. So difficult for me at times.
  34. I’m a worrier.
  35. I can be easily distracted.
  36. There are times when I feel like I’m developing ADD.
  37. Is that even possible?
  38. Maybe it is something else.
  39. Maybe it is the fear of facing what I really know.
  40. That I need to change.
  41. I need to make a change.
  42. Why is the fear consuming me?
  43. Why do I let it?
  44. Why can’t I just BE?
  45. Why do I have to make BEing a resolution?
  46. Why should I care or worry?
  47. In some ways, it is who I am.
  48. Some ways?
  49. Really?
  50. Really, Heather.
  51. Think.
  52. Think about it.
  53. Just BE.
  54. BE in the Moment.
  55. Feel the music.
  56. BE the air.
  57. Become the moment.
  58. Only live in that moment.
  59. This moment.
  60. Now.
  61. Here.
  62. Today.
  63. Perhaps.
  64. Perhaps I should not be so hard on myself.
  65. Perhaps I should embrace life instead of pushing it away.
  66. Instead of pushing against it.
  67. Instead of pushing.
  68. Come on now.
  69. Everything is fine.
  70. Life is good.
  71. Meeting new friends.
  72. Celebrating old friends.
  73. BEing as much in the Moment.
  74. The Music.
  75. The Quiet.
  76. The Warmth of my sweatshirt.
  77. The sound of a car passing by on wet pavement.
  78. Just BE.
  79. Just BE.
  80. “Live in Your Strength.”
  81. From a tea sachet.
  82. Funny how those things find you.
  83. Funny how you find those things.
  84. I am strong.
  85. I have strength.
  86. I have everything inside of me.
  87. I find it at the weirdest moments.
  88. I find it at the best moments.
  89. I find it when I was pretty sure I didn’t have it.
  90. Does anyone even read my stuff?
  91. Would anyone read my stuff?
  92. Is that my future?
  93. Is that my life?
  94. Is it a hobby?
  95. Is it a passion?
  96. Is it a talent?
  97. Almost done.
  98. Almost time for bed.
  99. Almost Monday morning.
  100. Ugh.
  101. Happy thoughts.
  102. Friendship.
  103. Dinner.
  104. Wine.
  105. Just BE.

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